Industrial Rubber Supply Co Ltd
Cellular Sponge and FoamIndustrial Rubber Supply is a major supplier of Cellular Products used as gaskets and seals in the transportation and agriculture industries by manufacturers of buses, trucks and tractors.

These cellular products, available in open and closed cell formulations, can be fabricated in intricate detail, custom die-cut or waterjet, or hand fabricated. cut to your exact specifications.

Virtually any cellular product may be fabricated into a roll of "weather-stripping" in any size, width, or length. Cellular products are also available in sheets, rolls or cut parts.

Our vast inventory of closed cell sponge includes, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, ECH, PVC, EVA, Melamine, Silicone, etc. As well as open cell foams such as, Polyether, Polyester, and Low Perm.

Many different types of vinyl, mylar facings, and adhesive back tapes are available to be laminated  to all cellular products.  

To see what is available please visit our Cellular Resource page.
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