Industrial Rubber Supply Co Ltd
Industrial Rubber Supply’s open cell foams and barriers are ideal noise reduction solutions, produced for the buses, trucks, tractors and other specialty vehicles as well as any enclosure that requires attention. Annoying vibrations and airborne noise are no longer a problem as we put our vast experience to work for you.

Our vast inventory includes Sound Barrier Materials, Sound Absorbing Materials, Vibration Damping Products, Thermal Insulation Materials, Composites of Barrier and Foam. These materials are available in sheets, rolls, or cut parts and can be custom die-cut, waterjet, or hand fabricated to your exact specifications.

In addition to our open cell products, Industrial Rubber also specializes in the fabrication of Noiseless Steel and Millennium Metal.

Noiseless Steel is laminated metal composite designed to reduce vibrations and noise transmission in metal construction.
Millennium Metal is a patented all metal sounding absorbing panel without fibres, intended for interior linings in engine and hoods of trucks, buses, tractors and construction equipment.

These products are ideal for severe heat conditions.

To see what is available please visit our Acoustical Products Resource Page.
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